Sandwiches for picnics

It was easier then you know when we built castles from Twiglets and dreams from Meccano and Caroline was a radio station, party time meant fun and games, faces framed at seaside shows and everyone knows that bubblegum blows your stomach up if you swallow.

the abuse of each hour when we had the power to play and what the fuck have we got today?
unrest on the street where the immigrant meets the yokel,
local taxes that stun you
employers who shun you and
the police who just gun you

We used to walk the mile and a half into town and it was mainly uphill all the way, but we did have the power to play way back then and now I sit here in the dark with a pen and a screen and it feels every time like a dream ’til I open my eyes and I scream,
‘it’s real’
do you ever feel like the sea’s right inside you and the tide’s going out in a rush?

We lost out with old money and not funny how decimalisation decapitated the imperial measure,
memories to treasure at a taxable standard rate
and doesn’t it feel like the time’s getting late when the Morning sun breaks in the East,
at least,
I think so and so I build more candy dreams with Meccano and go to sleep.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.