Who’s viewing who and why?

Christianity died and was buried in Salem,
the wise men were missing
two were caught kissing
each other.

I know that if I go to hell
Mother will tell me off
for being very naughty.

The Pope is not available for
Fatwah’s on Sunday and so
I’m safe from the
lunatic fringe.

The devil does not work for Primark,
that’s a rumour encouraged
by a village in China where
they’re all out of work.

Who do I pray to when the pot’s
boiling over?

See what I’m like here after a jigger of strong beer and I can’t make my mind do the things that my eyes want to, but it’s all down to the mischief of you who I know well and Mother will tell me for that.

Hell’s not an inferno it’s just the place that the mind goes.

if I’d been born into a different era and let’s say the twenties things might have been clearer, but in the here and the now when the iron’s in the fire and the Vicar’s in the choir and yes I know all too well that I’m going to hell but only the devil regrets.

things sometimes go lowercase and I’ve found out that is the case when the prosecution has lost the case and the prisoner goes free.

And the sound of the shutting door doesn’t bother me anymore because I’m a Scientologist and I know life is so much more than this.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.