Kissing cousins

The government de-flowered me
it stripped me naked and
overpowered me
while the state police sat and watched it
on CC TV,


did we vote for this?

Election fever hits the town like a
dose of chicken pox and when the
fox is in the coop
they only do what foxes do
count coup,
I don’t blame them, the
sly old dogs.

and the E.U
is how it’s said in Lancashire
with an accent tha’ knows
eeh you
yeah you know who and we
know who and they know you
and you’re fucked.

When they check you out for microphones
they’re measuring you up for the glue in your bones.

It’s a bit of a giggle,
a laugh or two
then the government screws you
and what can you do?

© 2016, John Smallshaw.