On the home front

They tinker with the food chain
feed insects to livestock
what kind of Frankenstein
does that?

As they unlink each link
can’t they see
don’t they think?

At the thin edge of the cord
we cut through the knot
that ties us to life and
what have we got?


we are what we eat and
that’s in the meat.


that won’t win you a prize
I’ve seen with my own eyes
the slurry tanks,
they’ll spray your legumes and
say that they’re fertilized,

muck spreaders tell no lies

and breathing fresh air
won’t get you
it’s tainted,
we’re all being boxed in.

Our goose is being cooked
as I speak
full of insects and all things
preserved I might add
in the mad scientist’s lab
nothing’s as bad
as it seems.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.