The quantity surveyor

Why ask me why
I write
if I try only to die
I write
why ask me

There’s an agony in
every line
‘to be or not…’
was not the plot I
had in mind,
but Shakespeare’s dead now
and I find he wasn’t
Hamlet after all.

you ask and unmask me
take me to task and then
she comes to my rescue
and you
ask me why.

I can answer the question you pose
I suppose
or I could keep silent about
the way that it went, being
intent on the answers.

And to qualify the why of it
ask me first the how it was
and there it is,
I try
I write
I live or die
I breathe
(in things)
brings me hope,

what do you bring
but questions.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.