Aladdin or out

I look in the mirror and see
not me
not me
I see
an artist with a frock on,
backing up a bit
I see
an artist with a smock on,
not me.

And they’re talking ’bout the Shard!

if a prick looking thing ever
looked so hard
it’s the Shard.

I’m talking Annoyed and
thinking of beating up Freud
thinking Schadenfreude,

that’s why Lloyds
for sinking wrecks and
sunken ships.

It’s a hell of a mess
when you’ve got to confess
you’ve made a hell of a mess,
reflections of me in a dress,

(frocks is cool,
but they don’t fool the mirror)

pen in hand
Saddique in the driving seat
beat Boris hands down
to be the
new Mayor
in London town.

Out on the balcony and
the only thing to welcome me
is pigeon shit and
two white feathers
and the

Fifteen degrees and she’s
in a bikini,
who let the genie out
of the lamp?

© 2016, John Smallshaw.