We didn’t see that one coming,
a curved ball out of nowhere

‘there but for the grace…’

let’s face it
we knew they were titanic tossers
off the bottom of the deck
low down
double crossers,

doling out
reeling more in
they’re getting fat

we’re at the thin end
of the wedge
hedging bets

let’s face it
we run out of words to describe
the lie they use
to justify

just why they abuse.

The greed of them is becoming legendary,
human decency goes by the board while
the board in the boardroom are screwing
with my life as if
it is I
the bride and
the longest suffering wife.

they can do what they like,
but I don’t have to like what they do
and if they’re fuckin’ with me they’re
sure as hell
fuckin’ with you.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.