30 atmospheres

I kneel to genuflect
which I suspect
is a waste of time

I take the time anyway
to kneel and pray


It’s no use closing a door

I genuflect some more
and then I’m done.

If a God exists other than on Olympus
willing to protect us
able to contact us
I’d like to meet him or her or it and sit and chat a bit about things.

Thoughts random;

If a bird sings in the Amazon
does a glass menagerie shatter in Willesden?

Someone held me close through the endless day, the weeping night
it might have been God.

In time I’ll know, but there’s a nagging in my heart, a suggestion that the knowing’s just the start of it
I think I’d like to sit a bit and chat with God a bit
about things.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.