Soho squares

It shouldn’t have been there where it was
not because it was unsightly which it was
it just shouldn’t have been

the old lady who looked like
she came from Cricklewood
gave it a good kick
thin fabric, thick lady.

The tent and we’ll call it that for convenience
was an inconvenience to everyone
and a petition was raised to have it removed,

The man that lived in the inconvenience
which we called a tent for convenience
was bent over in pain

I don’t think the old lady saw anything but the
inconvenience and if she did may not have recognised
the man whose plan years earlier was to be a sailor.

it doesn’t matter anyway they moved the inconvenience
conveniently enough yesterday and now he’s someone
else’s problem.

I see that as a problem
inconvenient isn’t it?

© 2016 – 2017, John Smallshaw.