Almost a Friday

Try again
why again?

do it and do it and
we can get through it
to try and break through,
the old habits make me
want you
even more

what’s it for then?
to try again?

The answer’s always the same
try again, and
I feel Dick Whittington’s pain
in the trying
the doing
the toing and dying

why am I here?
what is it for?
old habits and want
and I want you more
then ever

it never rains
but that’s a lie.

Sunshine’s just a climate affair
one minute there and
the next
wonder where.

ah but we live in the Hubble
and telescope trouble
that’s of our own making

I’m staking a claim on
Whittington’s cat
let him feel the pain,
try again
turn again
burn at the stake
why again.

Should I dye my hair?
try a different colour?
get a fuller, but what
kind of figure would that be?

Stay the same
melt with the pain
try again
what’s the name of
the Doctor that locked
ya in here?

think it’s done for now and
so I take a bow
and leave.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.