Diagnostic Dan

not to mention
higher cholesterol


I would think the older one got
the less one got it

sadly not so.

I go amongst the meek and mild
a happy child but wild inside where
mustangs range and ride
under my skin,

breathe, hold, release
until the voices cease.

that’ll work well won’t it?
when you’re sucking in dioxins,
we’re just rocks in
the pond and sinking, I’m
fond of saying it and
don’t you know it,

London in its abandon has
abandoned me,
shoddy practise from the Metropolis
where they’re adept at
taking the piss,

did I mention hypertension?
a thousand phobias and ‘isms,
spasms and a constant tic
makes me sick

Doctor’s on the missing list
have missed me off the patient list
now I really am pissed off, but
it’s Sunday and a day of rest
I’ll try my best to smile and say
have a happy day today.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.