Mesopotamian mule

Cut my tongues from the scriptures and on blank walls I’ll draw pictures
because in a room full of lonely there is only myself.

I read Romans and the Acts came before them,
talked with Ruth who knew all of the bad men,
In this land of Canaan I’ll be slain then?
and what of Goliath?
Samson’s got him in a headlock,
Delilah’s going to give him a haircut
and the Baptist will read all a sermon.

A bit fanciful to suggest Beau Geste,
but a young fräulein from Mannheim
calls for the check
I think what the heck,
can stay in.

it’s a walk on the plateau
and you know we all want too
some do
some try
some don’t even bother
and I don’t
want to know why.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.