Accidentally responsible

There’s more to it and more to come,
save your daylight
burn the sun,
I’ve run out of matches,
painting matchstick men is unaware
of my desire
to torch and set the world on fire,
when this is then and now was when back then
I’ll paint my life as matchstick men.
They’ve offered me therapy
because they want
a quiet me
but I’m not going to have it
I’m just going to rant a bit more,
I told you there was more.
Easter eggs.
Why we overindulge on these chocolate treats
beats me
and what do eggs have to do with Easter?
the juggling jester smuggles in laughter
as background to his show
and that’s what it is,
a show
Easter  bunnies and upset tummies and
a long queue for the conveniences.
Killjoys are not always little whining boys
men can be them too
I can whine as well as anyone
the whinging ‘Pom’
he’s in a class of his own.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.