Four more credits for Hades

Don’t give me your sympathy
a cup of tea
don’t give me anything.

Self sufficiency is what I could be
if you let me be
and to my own devices,
but you interfere,
fuck off
I don’t want you here
I have no need
of what you offer.

And to think
that you could be
a remnant of
don’t you know
fucked off
long ago.
we’re in the dark and heading to
the middle ages
dog eared sages turning ink stained pages
it must be Playboy that they’re reading
bleedin’ know it all’s know sod all at all.

I need chaos and the death
of hierarchy
a level playing sealed into the
the fields of,
just because I’m saying this does
not mean that I think it’s true
might consider that instead of being
such a twat
pigeonholing me.

and now I’m back to being me
accepting charity on streets
where Salvation Army bands have
yet to go,
know this,
it only took one kiss to start off what
became the biggest con game in the history
of the world.

Jesus loves you, but me?
he offers sympathy.

further expletives deleted by the angels
who’ve completed an NVQ in
mind control.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.