Nodding donkeys

Why Easter eggs on Easter Sunday?
why not eggs made
by Faberge?
I’d like to find a chicken that laid those,
and why eggs at all?

Why not coconuts?

Just questions from
my question bag
feel free to tag me
with your answers.

There’s a passenger wearing
orange trews,
did he choose them?
the girl with spiky hair
is she wearing ‘Harmony’?
is she really there?

At times I see but don’t recall
that I have seen it all

Serving rabbit stew on Easter Monday
is probably
not the thing to do
nor is picking your nose on the underground,
but that person
sitting opposite doesn’t seem in
the slightest bit

I suppose it takes all kinds of sports
to make all kinds of different sorts
I wish though they were sorted differently
and I didn’t get sitting opposite me a nose picker.

Perhaps Wednesday will lay for me
a Dell computer,
I’ll wait and see, cross my fingers, hold
my pee
but won’t hold out much hope.

Anyway Wednesday is here,
tomorrow’s but a Thursday
another day to lay my neck
on the block
watch the clock
listen to a crock of….
…shooby dooby’s
emanating from someone’s ear phones,
that’s disconcerting
I’m listening too
because like everyone I’m trapped
and that’s what trapped people
find they have to listen to
shooby bloody dooby doo.

Is this getting there
when we’re not
getting anywhere?

More to the point
does anyone really care if
he picks his nose and
passes it off
as one of those things.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.