Common sense

What’s to understand?

we’ve broken down
let the engineers sort the
problems out,

On the one hand
I see that as a solution
but on the other
I think
why bother?

why not crack on
move along

( reminds me of a game )
coming busted or not.

You got a choice
You can protest
use your voice
remain broken.

I’m undecided
six of one
a bakers dozen of the other
they’re all cheats
why bother?

nine lies to a truth.
I work
have a roof over my head
try to understand on the one hand
and with the other one
cover my eyes.

If you can’t see it
it’s not there,

( reminds me of another game)
blind man’s huff.

Breaking apart is the start of it
falling to bits sits quite well with it
I’m going to go on for a little bit
and a little bit’s better than none.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.