Dusting for prints

unreliable evidence or
irrefutable truth?
it’s all proof
if that’s what you need
use it.

‘One way or another’,
said Cain.
‘I will kill my brother’

again and again,

the old God
smote more in
the olden days,
there was
lots more sinners
back then,
the new God
gives detention
the occasional smite
which is quite alright,
but only
now and again.

Do you feel threatened
by biblical scriptures?
or the rapture of love
on the run?
would you like to sit tight
against the barrel of night
and be shot full of lead
by its gun?

The eight forty two into Waterloo
was running six minutes behind
and at eight forty eight
being six minutes late
my eyes opened only to find
the unreliable evidence of an
irrefutable truth.

History makes its own decisions
we have little to say,
your history tomorrow
is not the history of

© 2017, John Smallshaw.