In a nuts shell

Just when you think that you’ve figured it out
the numbers change again.

My brain leaks integers as I watch in the interval
and the numbers change as I’ve said,
due to
no doubt
the loneliness of a lifetime
of unhappiness.

I alter the cruncher
punch in an alternate number
and watch as my eyes start to spin

which is not so easy on a stable platform
as a human
being born about a century ago.

It’s an ocean and it always roars
keeping scores
and doors too because it’s always
always doors

I went through my first and the second and
through each door to another, through one more
and another and each door became one more
the one with a sign on it
that read,
‘go through it’
and I went through it and found it
was the first door I had gone through
and now
what’s left but
and they’ll always be there

it is good to know
that numbers care
which numbers count the most though?
is that
something else I have to know
or just premature

© 2017, John Smallshaw.