The incredible audience

It’s when you forget how to fly that the shit hits the fan.
but to fly you need wings.

the unicorn sings and
the buffalo brings in
fresh milk
and the silk in the wind
flutters under and
out through
the trees,

are the flights that will
soar in your eyes.

I am glad that I saw
men walk on the Moon,
now some want to say
that it never happened or
Elvis lives in Tooting
booting up a bag or two
with Fu Man and who
believes that?

when the air’s so thin and
you can’t fit in or the
wings won’t fit the sky
you’ve got to try
that’s almost a mantra
a cockney
Eddie Cantor

ask Dickens,
or Darwin
a shoo in
and we’re busy
gluing the wings
to our backs.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.