Being British about ti

Think I’m melting
belting hot or not
that Sun
has a soft spot for me

haven’t felt in
this frame of mind
since Winter came
and went.

hanging loose?
well all men do

Now I’m drooping
well all men do
another ha.

But I am melting.

Ice cream might assist me
and as it’s a medical emergency
I should call an ambulance
that’d be a performance
because of my amateur status

weightless now,
I am melted away
left it too late and
ain’t that
always the way?

wishing I had gone fishing
instead of splish splashing
getting a rash in
an awkward place

always the case isn’t it?
complaints about the heat
complaints when it’s cold
complaints about most things
especially getting old.

Sunset soon
can’t wait for the moonlight
it might
cool me down.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.