Subscribed to contradiction
torn apart by this condition,

there’s a blue light flashing out there
and a wailing in the air
some circumstance has passed away
murdered by
the side lines of today.

but seeing miles of white stone crosses
brings me to a halt
in the cemetery of circuses
they laugh,
no one at fault.

I move along suspiciously
uncertain of the way
conspicuous by their absence
are the lights to light my way.

is at the juncture of a
let’s make do and mend.

Send me sirens
let us sing
send me harpies
on the wing
bring your demons
buy and sell,
free entry
this living hell,
drop your coins
and watch them spin
slowly in
the wishing well.

if it’s happiness you’re looking for
there’s plenty at the five and dime,
the store that outlived time.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.