The grindstone

It’s the wait on
the station
killing time as
time’s killing me,
I am inexorably drawn
like a moth to a flame
by the stations
that make me
wait over and over

Obsessive compulsive
and that might be so,
I still go though.

Catch me on time lapse
as I collapse.

Life is the camera,
the action, a panacea
for the sick.

I never run for the train
it never comes anyway
I wait
and I wait and
this is my life in
a nutshell
cooked up every day.

colours too
wading through this
cross spectrum
at a loss leading section
a pound shop near to you,
it all sounds phony,
if only I knew.

And I’m back to the question,
what am I doing?

that’s what I do
every corner I turn
something new and
if not new
hardly used.

That’s a short skirt
I blurt out
then get out
at the next stop,
a nonevent
never realised
I had spoken aloud.

and I’m here again
at the station
with a face on,

It’s going to be a bloody
long day.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.