The third law of physics

Sometimes it’s there where it should be and sometimes it’s totally screwed.
well I went through some portal and ended up here, but I don’t know exactly where here is or should be,

there are shadows that mill all around me
mystifying and
satisfying in a curious kind of way.

But it’s greasepaint. ain’t it?
in the limelight for the
opening night.

The opposite end to the opposite end
is the end we always begin at,
I try to hold onto
as forces repel me
so they attract me
and then I am back here,
where’s here at?

like a riddle in a riddle
something to fiddle with
to give life
and then we’re there

this is deja’
I’ve been there before
why am I here again and
what for?

if I should answer what could be your question,
is this how it would be?
or sometimes
where’s where it should be,
what would be the point?

I’m going to sleep on it
revolve around the sun a bit
to see
if I get warmer.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.