What malady attracts humanity what fevers chill our blood? Out there there is worse to come, the universe would be a colder place if not for a billion blazing stars and we only manage one sun? is that all the universe can spare Come at me with comets or an asteroid belt, leave marks on…

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Ripped Van..

To this tiredness add heaviness, a weighting down of me. it’s like i’m carrying a burden but it’s one I cannot see. There are beads of sweat upon my brow and yet somehow I’m cold, life feels like a ton of lead if lead equates to getting old. I can remember when on being young…

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Museum piece

They’ll make you feel inadequate to make them seem invincible, but feeling anything at all would make me feel alive. When the time that never surfaces, despairing any entrances from biblical Samaritans then I wonder if it was the time to search out in old literature meanings that could mean to me or give apocolyptic…

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To make some sense of it before the end of it. Funerals I have been to of friends that I have seen off and yet the journey is a mystery mystical, filled with tragedy and at times comical, to comprehend not the beginning or the end, but the journey that we make…

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More from Louis Wainville

In order to feel that, one must eschew dog in favour of cat food, install a ski lift, give short change and shorter shrift, paint palindromes torch light garden gnomes take out pay day loans and skip town. It surely follows on that when the day has gone the night appears, and owls eyes scan…

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If you really don’t like this give me an alternative, give me that, give me reasonable cause to live, give me proof of my existence and pay no mind to coffee spoons, measure me in millimetres, amphitheatres or a lions roar and keep score of my mistakes if what it takes is that…

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…and now we’re firing on all cylinders

Into Stratford careering through the static lines of Christians paying church some time and tithe, but tide and tithe waits not for me sailing through the shopping sea stopping only at the checkout to check out and get in the swing of it…

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Now we’re getting somewhere

Aha, the lighter it gets the brighter it becomes, not so dull now so I pull off the face mask and ask for some coffee. It is not the best of days but it is the best in other ways she says, ‘you know where the coffee is’ Later, when later arrives and the sleep’s…

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The network

Squandering the nations wealth selling photo opportunities, they’re outsourcing our health and it’s all done by stealth, they’re tossing us in at the deep end while they toss themselves off at the weekend, you don’t believe me? so sue me but them are the ones that you voted for men that are noted for having…

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Why we love the French

Pontiac a great car but I wonder if the council of 1763 thought so, of course not they didn’t know how his name would be honoured?…

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The fourth enlightenment

Anyways thank God for Saturdays because I’ve finally understood that it ain’t no bleedin’ good to have the five days beforehand if you ain’t got nothing planned for the weekend. I lean towards sedentary and watch a documentary it seems to float the boat I’m on, then go on to a discotheque, don’t dance because…

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Somewhere a harpist
plucks gently at my
and weeps.

Old time

We do the square dance, the circling of the pair dance and romance says, pardon, but it’s an ‘excuse me’…

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The mace bomb

The things that I want to I want to and want you I want too, you who want want to want too…

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Perhaps we are just a series of electrical short circuits caught in our frames giving them names like speech and movement. And with these thought I give myself torment or maybe we are these thoughts in a bubble or planets we see from the Hubble. this also gives me trouble. We could be what is marked…

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Then it became obvious that the obvious wasn’t so

motion sensors compensated for the walking wounded
and on the front line where time was allowed elevation
and the stations of the cross where observed by forward gunners,
the post man strolled through first class carnage to deliver field green bandages.

dreams occasionally obstruct my breathing and believing the dreams to be real
I steal back into wakefulness,
but always return to the battleground back to the sounds of thunder.

I know that if I go
under for the third time
there’ll be no
elevation to sight a line on me
no stations of the cross
there’ll be nothing left of me
no cannon to the right of me,

I wonder if I’ll be free then
without oxygen
to inflate my ego.

It may be that it will be

Hollow point

Upstream of a bad dream and you know you’re going downstream, you take all the knocks clinging on to the rocks when you know that letting go is the end, did you ever notice how your body seems to bend in the water? It’s strange how your mind ranges even stranger when you’re in danger…

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In black and white

I see you in a sari made from satin on safari with a Nikon up the Yukon and I picture this while waiting so, waiting for the yes or no, follow me and I will show you quality, don’t confuse with quantity. I have this nagging suspicion that wishful thinking will sink me, but I…

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Wafer thins

. Grumpy’s not a dwarf it’s a monkey on my back, and Snow White’s but a purpose some idea that I must lack. If I run silent to run deep it’s where the safety lays in which those secrets of my sleep can filter out the days. this all plays upon my mind some awkward…

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Where pirates dance

They’ll tell you that the sun never rises on the West side of a tree, but me, I wait each day to see if that is true. There is nothing to remind me of lined faces or of poverty when I bask in my own glory and I do that very well. If I see…

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