What malady attracts humanity
what fevers chill our blood?

Out there
there is worse to come,
the universe would be a
colder place
if not for a billion blazing
and we only manage
one sun?

is that all the universe can spare

Come at me with comets or
an asteroid belt,
leave marks on my body,
have you ever felt the
pulse of a quasar or ran your
fingers along the curving of time?

There must be more that we’re
unable to see,
or maybe we see it and
recognise it

what ties it together for me
is the malady that humanity
packed as we are on a planet
that turns on the turn of a card
and each hit becomes harder to take,
every reflection of light that ever bounced
off a lake goes back where?

back out there to the billion blazing stars?

I struggle to find inner peace of the kind
that Buddha should have explained better
or perhaps
I’m just dumb,
only one sun
seems mean.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.