My beer bottle top collection

which has no connection
when being average isn’t average
you’re either above or below the line
and if you don’t know whether you’re
above or below the standard mark,
even being average won’t mean ‘Jack’
to you.

The great university’s filter these
put them into prospectii
(which may be the plural of prospectus)
just to fuck us poor people,
education doesn’t count as much as
the money for the fees.

they’ll deny you
then rely on you
when the shit hits the fan
or they need
‘man with a van’

you know,
the donkey work.

I have one hundred and eighty three
thousand six hundred and twenty seven
beer bottle tops
all different but the average alcohol content
of the beer was four point nine percent.
some below and some above and don’t
you just love the average?

© 2017, John Smallshaw.