So far, so good

you know
when you know
that I’ve known you before.

Today seems a tad like this,
kiss the wife
stroke the cat
close the door
don’t forget that

catch the bus
run for the train
‘Mathew and Son’
all over again,

cross eyed looks
’cause I got a seat
steaming now because
of the heat
and the sweaty smell
as well
from him
sitting next to me,

oh, sweet Jesus
don’t you worry none
It’ll soon be done
and I’ll go back home
kiss the wife and pat the cat
and other things mostly
similar to that.

In the in between
for which they have
a machine,
it’s cut and dried.

a gun to my head day
and a hollowness in my
attempting to shout
trying to blot out Monday
just makes it noisier.

When you haven’t got a leg
to stand on
and random events overtake
it’s only Déjà
and I’ve been here

© 2017, John Smallshaw.