It’s symptomatic of something but i’m not sure I know of what and disturbing to say the least and the least is what I have got

not that the poorhouse worries me
I’ve been in here before
but it’s symptomatic of something and I’d like to know what for.

There are sparks that shoot in front of me
and sharks that want a bite of me
I’d like to keep a piece of me
that I can carry home.

But it ain’t for lack of trying that
I’m still here instead of dying in some dark and lonely corner on some less oft’ travelled highway

and no way that I’ll maintain the status quo because and so you know that the average is mean and I am not.

Then I forget my keys
oh please
don’t I just make myself a plum.

come all the faithful
and trifle
with my patience
by the way is wearing thin
in the West End

twist and turn and pop two out
symptoms are what it’s all about.

my mistake and I will pay
I always do
one way or

© 2017, John Smallshaw.