The book of rehearsals

There are demons in the undertow
and monsters in my head
Paul and Simon at the grave
and who did Jesus save?
or so it’s said.

Pilate the lunatic has gone on the sick
and Herod’s been thrown off the throne
Peter went off in retreat and
left Mary all on her own.

A crown of thorns from the briar patch,
scratch one, match one, get one free
it didn’t work for him
perhaps it’ll work for me.

It may be heresy or heretic,
but pedants make me sick
and you can
stick that to the demon, he man,
thee or bloody thou man, you can
take your bleedin’ pick

I’m back there in the undertow
from whence I came and where
I always go,
the devil I know wears me out.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.