Who did I crucify?

do as you do unto those
and those will do as you do
unto them
and then do some more.

Damage is a by-product
of being fucked
and I ain’t talking about
the bedroom

and gloom, don’t forget
the gloom when darkness
looms up before you
and you take a quick look
behind you
because you hear the footsteps
which move out of time
and you know they’re not yours
so therefore must be mine
and you fear,
but fear’s just a raindrop that
dries on your skin,
it leaves no reminder
unlike him just behind you.

they insist
and the baby is born
and a new son is kissed
by the father.

I hear the woodpecker
‘Black and Decker’
tapping to come in
and the nails are being
sharpened to slide
through someone’s,..

..kinfolk joke about the olden days,
but the olden days are now.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.