The shuffle

once more into the bleach my friends
and hope that this day ends
quite cleanly.

‘Do you mean me?’

if the cap fits
grin and wear it.

I could tear this apart
not even start
sink into the hole
back on the dole
why would I do that?

Because you’re a twat?

‘Do you mean me?
and obviously they do.

one thing about a Tuesday,
it has the same number of letters
in it
as there are days in the week
which is a bonus win
for the conspiracy theorist,

I’m waiting for deliverance or
a delivery
so I can see which way the Stork
flies, but as usual
the wind ties me down to the
sleepers on the tracks which
criss cross London Town and
I need a rum and coke to keep
‘ the smoke’ at bay.

And if they mean me
which they probably do
which is probably true
unless they mean you
then it’s not.

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© 2017, John Smallshaw.