Darning socks

‘All our yesterday’s’
was only yesterday
which is like today,
oddly enough not.

I got pay per view for
free and you?

At a roundabout doing ninety
which means she
is doing the same.

I am piecing things together to
stich up my life,
sewing up the sadness
throwing out the knife
there will be
no more cuts ifs or buts.
but it’s random, fractal, an
actual nightmare,
what piece is this piece and
what piece goes where?

And an outline of sunshine fits
nicely over there,
I like it and share.

Quantity or quality?
a choice I make

In a thousand years from now
a killing machine might think this,
they made of my ancestor, a clown,
an acrobat,
well I’m having none of that,

but only
if robots are the future and
I’m not sure they are.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.