Itchy and Scratchy

Going bald?
a bit patchy?
You need new miracle grow.

Grouse do not grouse as far as I’m aware
and that’s about as far as it is from here to there.

I wonder what he does for a living,
but guessing it’s not giving up his seat
for the elderly,
sat slovenly and maybe thinking of
his forthcoming marriage while reading
yesterday’s metro in today’s underground
or maybe not.

She’s got hot pants on,
light blue and covered in stars
a bit early for me to be sparking like her
and now I know what Delaware

( that’s from an old song )

Tarzan with just a t shirt
and sleepy Jane
sporting a mini

I’m in disguise
unkempt hair
bloodshot eyes,

it keeps them at arms length
imagine that
with all this strength.

but now I’m tightening up the link
for another day stood at the sink

lipstick should come with a
do not disturb sign
she thinks that too and says,
what you looking at?

I want to correct her grammar
but wonder if I should bother
I’m getting off now anyway.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.