in the microscope,
is a kaleidoscope
of life.

I’m in there too
so are you.

Hard to see what it is we
can be
the slide is a slippery slope
(something to do with the chemicals they use)
but there’s hope
even if there’s a
or so microbes in the way
if we look I can see
your eye looking at me.

On the other hand
there are
five digits
which is what I expected to see
being as I am
comfortable with me.

In random mode
outflanking the overload
heading into
meltdown town

and the random seed is what we need
to make the world go round.

I come back to earth with a bump
jump start the connection and
change direction

the shadows where I’m led
where the spectrum flicks from
blue to red
where the changes are the change
that change me back and you
see hope again,
I see your eye again
looking in.

yield or die?
ask yourself the question
would I want to do either?

If I continue to bore you
please switch off now

I switched off years ago
this is just an echo bouncing
off the walls

© 2017, John Smallshaw.