Figure skating

When you wake up do you take up where you left off or do you start anew, does a new day open up a new way to do things.

Are you trapped in a past that replays on your mind.

Playing fast and loose with the hangman’s noose is one way to stretch your imagination.

One December long ago when the snow lay thick on a mountain top and the air was thin and I had to stop to draw breath in,
but that was a dream or it may not have been
I picked up a book to read last night which led me into the early light where the morning tickled my toes
but I followed my nose to the coffee pot and now when the water’s hot I’ll make a pact with the bean and act accordingly.

Whatever else I might be
one thing’s for sure
I’m sure that I’m free.
replays don’t bother me
sometime live action does,

old fashioned is coming back into fashion
and the new will fade away.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.