Pulling into paradise

light me up a Marlboro’ or better still a Lucky Strike
and I’ll match you with a partner for tonight’s
an open mic’

husky voiced and cellulose
she talks through her nose
because her tongue’s worn out
(old joke, whatya expect?
an Exocet?)

Anyway and it’s anyhow that
gets us through the day and
what say you?
I do, they say,
watch as he runs far away

A shotgun wedding without the shells
is not a legal marriage,
(another stolen joke from the past)

Saturday sober
and that’s a nice twist
staying at home with the missus
a tuppenny gamble on
a game of whist

and Wincarnis
a tonic
real bliss

wouldn’t miss it
for toffee.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.