The atomic make up

Ever felt like what snowflakes feel when snowflakes melt
or did you never look at it that way?

Even on the surface there are surfaces,
nothing’s as complicated as simplicity.

you can’t buy easy but if you try it becomes easier.

Listen ,poker face
it’s two twenty five back at my place
the Sun thinks it’s dead
the light from the moon only
brings the madness to a head

ever felt like howling?

If only sleep would stay with me
but the
ghosts in my head want to play
with me
and at a quarter to three
they might settle down
as I’m settled down in my
old dressing gown,
but then again
they might go on until
well after one in the afternoon

I wonder if snowflakes have thoughts
of immortality
or is that just me?

© 2017, John Smallshaw.