What we think it should be
or what we think that we see
is not necessarily
the whole thing.

who have conquered fears
melt at the touch of an infants hand.

There should be a steward’s inquiry
as to why we
see only a part of the picture,

I put it down to a slow puncture
where it’s my eyes that lose a bit
of it
whatever it might be.

But to take things in your stride
you’ve got to wear strong shoes
and not lose sight of your goal.

my modus operandi is to let sleeping dogs lie
while I sit quietly in the chair.

and if you’ve been there
where the air is cracked
and lightning strikes
you’ll know nobody likes
talking about it.

Looking inwards at deeper reflections
shows me more imperfections
and I’m not sure
that’s good for me.

But things will be as we see and
not in the order we see them.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.