The chasers

Things do go bump in the night
reflexes in the dark are much quicker.

The most that a ghost
can hope to do is to scare you
but would bear you
no ill will.

I’ve seen them through the ice sheet
seen them heat up and break through,
they’ve spoken to me and I’m sure that
they’ve spoken to you,
did you hear them?

faces that came flying through the
faces of the dying
and I’ve seen them too, didn’t know
who they were
but they were there.
watching me in a ghostly way.

ah dear friends
I didn’t forget you
just had to get through
each day as it came.

I remember your names on
the stones in the churchyard.
but now they crowd in on me,
I have no answers to life
or to liberty
limbo’s a no go and
that’s all that I know
about things
that go bump in the night.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.