Coyotes and cats eyes

She’s sat whistling
but good
little red in the face
with a blue coat
and hood.

The big fellow with a moustache
cigarette ash on his lapel is
whistling as well.

A musical start to the day hits me
right in the heart,
this is the way that we rock.

a shock to the system and
seems that I always missed them.

Mr green shoes
humming the Beiderbecke blues
know how he feels.

The lady in the corner seat
looks dead beat
fast asleep
no one disturbs her.

I’m standing as usual
when they say,
‘all change’
I really want it to be
a game of musical chairs,
it never is though.

This tube carries my load
until I arrive at
Tottenham Court Road
and work begins.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.