Angry of Anglesey

Putting it on the slow burn
giving it some time
to turn
into a righteous indignation

they practice prostitution like
something that’s brand new
and those politicians fool you
that’s what they’re selling you
and you’ll lap it up all kittenish
I wish it wasn’t so,
but we’ve all been genome modified
brains fried
eyes fixed on the floating sphere
wish to fuck I wasn’t here
to do a Rip Van
hell man time
to disappear.

Degenerating, disintegrating while I’m
waiting for the social to be social and
feed my half starved family,
I’ve been waiting half eternity
but not so fucking patiently
bastards take the piss and me
I’m getting fired up.

slow burn on the back burner
you take a turn and earn a buck
they’ll try to fucking take it
and then wonder why
you think it’s shit,

I wonder why but just a little bit
when I’ve nothing else to do

© 2018, John Smallshaw.