Off Central

It was always the journey
where we
made the discovery.

If you keep your eyes shut
you’ll see nothing but
your imagination.

Hard work and self examination
count for little when you’re
drowning in the sea off the
coast of desperation.

I have threaded my life through
the aperture
when any point is the point of
not being sure.

Self exploration comes with conditions
be prepared for what you may find.

If it truly is
dog eat dog
how come there’s
so much dog shit on
the sidewalk
don’t we talk about that?

But it’s Friday
which is one more
on the map of not
being sure.

You being me,
I can see

are you

Through the fractured eye of
a kaleidoscope
why are the hopeless without
any hope?
when will the patterns reveal
the reality of being so real?

Monuments to Midas
in the city
rush by us
I’m trying to mine up
some time
which is worth more than gold
when you become

just cornflakes
that’s all it is.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.