Seats for the elderly

She’s probably making music in the Amazon
by plucking her eyebrows on the underground
it takes all sorts and I suspect all sports to make an Olympic site.

In front of me, she,
holds the Daily Telegraph
I’m looking for Beadle
this must be
‘Game for a laugh’

Next to me reading text I see
a lady with a book, ‘ The lady of the lake’
(The title of the book, not the lady sitting next to me)
she’s engrossed, the most engrossed one can be, perhaps sitting next to me has focused her attention.

And a Kojak lookalike complete with a lollipop and a fold up bike.

It’s buzzin’ away on the Central today.

One more drone heading off into one more Zone ( zone one to be precise )
because it’s nice to be precise.

She looks like Kate Bush but in the rush hour?
I don’t think so
then I don’t think
it’s automatic
like an instamatic
eyes right
and write
eyes left
and write
I write and you might read

Two more stops
until the curtain drops

I’ll finish at nine tonight
that’s alright
they thought I was finished
years ago.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.