Following in footsteps

Mine was a long road
not the longest road
but long enough
to learn
what I had to learn
to turn things around
to take my head from
the clouds and
keep my feet on the ground

but every road has a lay-by
for dreamers
mine was no different except
the lay-by became the mainstay
I couldn’t move away and
didn’t want to.

some time later
when the dreams were done
and I decided to take a chance
to make good my escape
changing the outcome

do I believe in fate?
not of late
but I answer my question
with questions and then I question
my answers

perhaps it’s the first contact
when you learn that a living
contract is the one you live

I live with it
it lives with me
and I live
which is a bonus.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.