Fertile plains

It was midnight and then it was gone
and Sunday looked in on the baptist
called John.

Come Salome and show me the veils
piece together for me a map of the
males you have danced for.

Incantations tell of the spells
she had cast.

I passed her by
a sad old has been
queen of the dance floor.

Is it true I ask of you
and you say
‘it says so
in the good book’,
I read a good book
once, a work of fiction,
an authors fantasy
and to me
the answer had
proved some point
at some point unknown.

And now I’m under the cross
at a loss as to how to behave
I can’t save myself
perhaps Jesus can
It’d be a bleedin” miracle
even though
he’s good at doing those.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.