‘I will gladly pay you Tuesday…’

‘This must be the ‘moment’ that I’m in’,
said him, with sleep in his eyes and his hair
in a state,
wouldn’t you think that the ‘moment’ could wait
at least until him was presentable?

It takes longer now for my sight to adjust.

I struck a classical pose and the ‘thinker’
who knows of these things brings me a chair,
but him still being in the ‘moment’ is

We learned about friendships and then sailed
off the edge of the World.

I glue these snippets to the insides of my pockets
ready to hand is worth more than a fade out of memory.

And memory lane is being built on
the developers getting a rush on
gentrification getting its hard on
I’m getting off at Leicester square,

I am in the minute which is like the
‘moment’ only slightly longer,
my sight adjusted
I feel stronger
at last.

Everyone assumes that the ‘moment’
the innocent stood in a line up
I did my three minutes and
time’s up
see you on the other side.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.