Likely suspects

Those who draw the line where time waits
and sheep pass through the valley
are not my cup of tea

avarice in the eyes of dead men and spies
and checkpoint Charlie is the place where
lies were put to sleep

they built Spandau from Communist blocks
and added ballet to the end of it to end up
on top of the pops.

what did it come too
when security has to be
run through or is that
fun too?

I got lost with the
Thomson twins or
was that the
Thompson twins
even though everyone knows
that TinTin always wins.

forty days on a London bus
the conductor said,
‘trust us, we know what we’re doing’,
maybe they do,
but do they know where they’re going?

I take in the sights
sleep half through the nights
and watch windmills fight with

All’s well though
and I should know
the conductor
told me so.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.