Made in Britain, probably.

‘I want that one’,
said someone
and no one replied,
‘you’ll get what you’re given’
and someone’s hands were tied.

I dream of high wire walking across
Niagara falls.

I fell and wouldn’t you know
the water far below
swallowed me and so
a Jonah I shall be

‘but you’re a Romany’,
said Heather, who sold
Heather for a while.

The violin or mandolin
plays on the radio, but that
was many. many and a few
years long ago.

No one speaks since iphone
spoke and put the hex on me
I text to Alexander Graham Bell,
a thousand minutes free!

‘I still want one and anyone.,
said someone,
that will do
and I think that any someone
could be anyone like you.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.