Stop and search

Do you as I do believe in a global conspiracy?,
(they’ve already tried to delete this)
Facebook’s probably in on it!
the international alliance against anything
that does not comply with their vision will
‘off’ us,
send in the hit men followed by the clean up crew
do you believe in a global conspiracy?

the Queen meets the chimp
( they deleted and replaced the word Trump)
do you believe now?

she’s a part of it
all royalty is and it’s easy to
see why,
diamond tiaras
golden orbs,
the best at each meal
anyone else feel like
a bystander?
we’re not
we’re just the dots on their card
work hard for what?
the global piss pot?
we got fuk all
do you believe now?

you better not like this one
or Facebook will put you on
the blacklist.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.