The importance of being

I can’t believe it’s not…’
but a little voice tells me
it’s true,
today is like a stick of rock
with Saturday written right through.

I got up with the lark
fed the ducks in the park
took the dog for a walk
and then I woke up

dreaming being my regimen
to each as the cloth is cut,
but I still can’t believe
it’s not.

Two whole days
one whole day and a
holy day
which is not the same as
a day full of holes
it’s a day for lost souls

anyways Saturday’s are the bang
get together with the gang,
‘do you wanna be in my gang?.

Football today and
England are playing
they ought to pack up and go home
I wouldn’t bother paying to
see that,
give me crown green bowling
any day.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.